About Us

We are a family owned hydroponics retailer.

Proudly serving Riverside and most Southern California areas.

Thank you for your interest in Highgrove Hydro, we carry the products you need to thrive for both indoor and outdoor farming. Whether its a premium line of nutrients, soil, coco, CO2, meters, trays, new bulbs or a complete new lighting system. We have it, at competitive affordable prices.
You may have noticed we have recently changed our name. This is because we have moved our location of many years, to the city of Highgrove California. We are very happy to be associated with Highgrove city. They have been inviting to us and treat us really well considering we work in an industry that has always had an unfairly tarnished image.

We are very knowledgeable of the farming industry, we are also very friendly, experienced and we are here to help. Let us earn your business!