Dehumidifier Repair…

So you just walked into your sopping wet room and realized your $3,000.00 dehumidifier gave up the ghost since you were last in. You may not know this but not only so we buy and sell dehumidifiers, we also refurbish and repair commercial dehumidifiers (100 pint plus in size).

Our base fee is $150.00 (100 pint plus only).

The base fee covers diagnostics and will be applied toward any repair work. If the diagnostic and repair fees will exceed 150.00 you will be informed of the additional costs with an itemized list of shop hours and parts and additional fees necessary to restore your unit to proper working order again.

No work will be done beyond the initial fees without your approval.
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Air conditioning install & repair.

So walking into your room and finding it 90 plus degrees is never good and sometimes it does happen. We do discreet A/C installation, repairs and recharges and emergency services on all outdoor and roof top units as well as mini-splits.

All services that can be scheduled in advance will be scheduled for a site walk and an estimate will be given at that time.
Emergency services start at 1500.00 and are 24hrs. within 3 hrs, of receipt of call.

To schedule emergency services call us at: (310) 806-0928

Pro Tip: If your A/C does go down the very first thing you should do is shut your lighting down (the heat from the lights will do far more damage than the darkness), then call us and we will head to the shop and deploy our emergency service truck to your location.

Commercial Farming Consultations.

Schedule a sit down, one on one with our own master arborist. With a resume boasting decades of experience and mentor ship under other master arborists (whom shall remain anonymous) and multiple indoor farming environments.

He can help you to properly diagnose and solve problems quickly which as you know is extremely important. We are absolutely sure your venture will benefit from our diagnostics and proven farming methods. Give us a call today!