We buy, sell and trade hydroponic equipment.

Our used equipment stock changes on a regular basis so there is really no way to itemize our stock online as we are mainly a brick and mortar business, if you are looking for something specific give us a call or drop by and one of our friendly staff members will be happy to assist you.

Selling used equipment.

Tired of laboring over craigslist ads? Sick of the phone calls, and all of the texts? Fed up with going out to meet someone to sell a single item only to have them offer a third of what was agreed to over the phone? We get that, loud and clear and we want to buy your used equipment!
We make offers based upon all or part of your used equipment lot, which ever you prefer. Rather than wasting 6 months or more listing ad after ad, dealing with every Tom, Dick and Harry in three plus counties give us a call and let us relieve you of that stress and torment.

Pro Tip: Sending us an itemized list along with images of your equipment helps us to determine what we can offer for your used gear.