Essential farming products.

While we cant dedicate a whole page for each product, we can pool together some that really stand out products. Premium products sell themselves, the list is diverse but they are all necessity items and their quality precedes them.

If there is a must have hydroponic product or brand that we don’t stock, please let us know as we are here to serve you and our success really does depend upon your success.

You really do have to stop by to see all of the products we carry! We are not limited to only these products, although we do have them in stock at all times as well as others. Our high quality used equipment stock is ever changing as well, every day brings new possibilities!

Listed below are some of the brands that we stock.

Raw, Smart pot, Green Tree Buckets, Active air, Gorilla Tents, Flex Tanks, Oxygen Pots, Drizair, Hurricane, Funky nuts, Hydrologic, Prokure.