Professional Indoor farms

Expanding indoor farms can be a daunting task, even for the most experienced Arborists. As technology and new research grows so does our ever expanding knowledge base of expertise.

Contact us for further information or to set up a consultation about your expansions or new builds. If you can dream it up, it we can help build it.

Need a little friendly advice?

With many years in this field and many hours spent helping farmers from all walks of life. Highgrove Hydro has molded a small discreet team of Arborists incorporating all of the different techniques with the idea that the more we know the more we can help you to succeed.

Your success literally is our success and we are here from seed to harvest to help you with all of your needs along the way. Initial consultations are free. Let us help you learn proven techniques that will maximize your yields based upon space and lighting.

Need help diagnosing problems? Drop by and let us help you to get your crop under control.


Pro Tip: When seeking diagnostic help a list of all environment conditions and clear photos with good light are the two key factors. The more photos the better